Pistachio is one of the nutrient-rich nuts. It is one of the oldest edible nuts and commonly used all over the world. Pistachio produces their first crop only after 10 to 12 years. It is a large seed which is centered in the heart of the pistachio fruit. It is covered by a dichotomous shell and protects nut from damage as well as infections. Pistachio has a mildly sweet taste and excellent options for snacks and used in sweet dishes and cuisines also. Actually, pistachio is a fruit, however, the outer shell of the fruit is removed and also the yellow colored seed kernel is sometimes eaten because it is edible.

The botanical name of pistachio is Pistacia vera. Pistachio belongs to the Anacardiaceae family. Pistachio is consumed in a variety of forms like sweetened or salted, shelled or unshelled. It grows well under hot, dry summer and cool winters. Pistachio is cultivated mostly in USA, Iran, Syria, Turkey, and China.

benefits of Pistachio


Pistachio nuts originated in central, southeast Asia, the Middle East about thousand years ago. Most of the pistachios sold today came from the Mediterranean countries.

Nutrition Value

A Pistachio serving weighs 100 grams provides 563 calories with a certain amount of dietary fiber. It is a rich source of Saturated Fat, Polyunsaturated Fat, Sodium, Potassium, Carbohydrate, Sugar, Protein, Calcium, Iron, and Magnesium.

The following table shows the nutrition percentage of Pistachios:

% Daily intake per serveAverage quantity per serving
Saturated Fat32%7g
Dietary Fiber41%12g

GI and GL Score

Glycemic Index (GI) is used to measure how quickly a food converts into glucose.

Glycemic Load (GL) is used to measure how much a food converts into glucose.

The GI values for the pistachio is 20 and a low GL value. The Glycemic load takes into the account when the amount of the food you have eaten and how it affects your blood sugar and insulin response. The low GL value of pistachios is 1.

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Healthy Heart

It helps in reducing bad cholesterol, LDL, and will increases the good cholesterol. HDL within the body thus preventing heart diseases. It additionally will increase the strength of the nerves making the heart stronger.

Weight Loss Management

It is the first choice for people who are dieting. Pistachios, with their lower calories, high protein, low saturated fat, and high unsaturated fat, are an ideal competitor for ideal weight management.


It benefits include the presence of vitamin A, vitamin E, and anti-inflammatory properties reducing the inflammation within the body caused because of any issues.

Skin Care

Pistachios help in eliminating dryness from the skin. The saturated fat plays a significant role in this aspect. The fat additionally acts as a decent carrier or base oil because it is employed as an associate ingredient in ancient therapies like aromatherapy and ancient massage therapy.

Controls Diabetes

60% of the daily needed phosphorous is present in a cup of pistachios which may stop even type-2 diabetes. Also phosphoric in pistachios helps in breaking down proteins into amino acids leading to aldohexose tolerance.

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Boost Immunity System

Pistachio is a rich source of vitamin B6 which helps in building a strong immune system. It also helps in preventing from infections and various types of cancers.

Nervous System

Vitamin B6 is present in high concentration in pistachios that is incredibly helpful to the nervous system. Amines are the messaging molecules within the system. In order to develop, they require amino acids that are dependent on vitamin B6 presence within the body. This nutrition builds a sheath known as myelin around the nerve fibers. And messages pass via Nerve fibers from one nerve to a different. Vitamin B6 helps in building several amino acids that help in correct transmission of nerve impulses.


Vitamin E present in pistachios helps fight the aging process of skin and makes you look younger. Oil which is present in this nuts contains emollient properties helping skin to moisturize and keep it from drying. It's used as aroma oil, healthful massage oil etc.

Hair Loss

Biotin deficiency plays the key factors contributing to hair loss. Pistachios contain certain amount of biotin and their daily consumption helps you to combat hair-loss effectively.


It is an excellent source of natural moisturizer. It happens to be naturally infused with demulcent properties that tend to possess extremely hydrating and smoothening effects on the skin. You will consider substituting your regular moisturizer with pistachio oil in order to get that sleek and silky skin.

Healthy Skin

Pistachio is a rich source of vitamin E and a fat-soluble antioxidant. It plays a major role in maintaining hale and hearty skin. Which protects your skin from sun damage, and reducing the odds of skin cancer and sunburns.


There are wide varieties of pistachios available some of them as follows:

  • Kerman
  • Peter
  • Uzun
  • Kirmizi
  • Achouri
  • Batouri
  • Mateur
  • Aegina
  • Badami
  • Akbari
  • Ahmad Aghaei


All Year.


Pistachios are available in various forms like unshelled, shelled, salted, roasted, etc. Always prefer to select raw, shelled pistachios instead of processed and salted ones because they lose large nutritious values while processing. Never pick the pistachios which has some cracks other than the natural cleave or having the rancid smell. It is available almost in every grocery store.

How to Preserve

Store the shelled pistachios in a sealed, airtight container and unshelled in a cool, dry place so that they can last for many months without going any worse. We can also freeze or refrigerate pistachios for almost one year.